60th Reunion Questions

As promised in our "60th Miramonte Reunion" survey, here is an "additional survey" in preparation for our upcoming 60th Miramonte High School Reunion. Our Reunion Committee head, Sue Tharp Guerra, has asked for answers to the following questions.

The cost of the festivities is $125 per person. Please mail checks to Bruce Hilger, 1132 Woodhaven Drive, Yuba City, CA 95911.


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1)   Will you be attending our 60th reunion on September 18 & 19 at the Marriott Hotel in Walnut Creek? 20 rooms will be available at a discounted price. Call the hotel at 1-800-228-9290 to reserve a room.

  Probably so
  I don't know at this time
  Probably not
  No, I can't make it
2)   Assuming that you are going to join us, pick a dinner choice. Changes can be made up to two weeks before if you change your mind about food or attending.

  Wild Salmon
  Prime Rib
  Portobello Mushroom Napoleon
3)   Will you be bringing a guest? If so, choose a meal selection for your guest as well and enter it in the open field.

4)   Now, a series of questions for prizes (The possibility of winning one should make attending worth while.) 1: How many great grandchildren do you have?

5)   2: How many years have you been married (total, current or longest).

6)   3: How many countries have you visited?

7)   4: How old were you when you retired. (If you're not yet retired, it's time.)

8)   5: How many places have you lived?